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a stronghold; a defensive line or position
1882Theodore RooseveltThe Naval War of 1812The Louisiana herself took no part in this action. Patterson had previously landed some of her guns on the opposite bank of the river, placing them in a small redoubt. To match these the British also threw up some works and placed in them heavy guns, and all through New Year's day a brisk cannonade was kept up across the river between the two water-batteries, but with very little damage to either side.1902Helen KellerStory of My LifeThe harbour was our joy, our paradise. What glorious sails we had to Bedford Basin, to McNabb's Island, to York Redoubt, and to the Northwest Arm! And at night what soothing, wondrous hours we spent in the shadow of the great, silent men-of-war. Oh, it was all so interesting, so beautiful! The memory of it is a joy forever.1987Dean KoontzShadowfiresThe stillness of the mountain redoubt seemed less ominous than it had… 1988Jack L. ChalkerThe Maze in the MirrorPandross's security redoubt wasn't all that far…1997James AxlerSkydarkBut even with the wags travel was a high risk enterprise, and increasingly the mattrans units in the redoubts offered the best option for a change of scene or quick exit from a hotspot.

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