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Pronunciation Guide
Don't you just hate pronunciation systems full of arcane symbols? Systems that sting the brain as much as the eyes? In this pronunciation system, it's just the plain old English alphabet. The idea is, it's perfectly OK for you to speak English with your accent. That the finest phonological distinctions are not made here is a key feature of the guide. Pronunciations follow the head word. Stressed syllables are shown in upper case. That is all.

a bath, cap
ai pie, by, fight
ay pay
aecare, fair
aw father, bother, paw
e pet
ea ear
ee bee
i pit, hit
o toe, blow
ow out, shout
ooh book, crook
oo boot, ruse
oi boy, points
uh butter, cut
ur urge, firm
b but
d do, did
f fun, phone
g get
h hop
j jump
k king, cat
l love
m me
n now
p pop
q quick
r rip
s sip
t top
v very
w water
y yes
z zip
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Entry By: CJ Cooney
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