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something inevitable; that which cannot be avoided; irresistible
1920Dewitt H. ParkerThe Principles of AestheticsFor even if we always do go on to something better in the future, the past had its unique value, and that is lost ineluctably.1946Paramhansa YoganandaAutobiography of a YogiNature herself is Maya; natural science must perforce deal with her ineluctable quiddity.1954Robertson DaviesLeaven of MaliceCan you conceive of any practical joke more tiresomely bourgeois, more quintessentially and ineluctably lower middle class, than shoving a fake engagement notice in the paper?1958Boris PasternakDoctor ZhivagoThese new things were not familiar, not led up to by the old, they were unchosen, determined by an ineluctable reality, and as sudden as an earthquake.1970James BlishCities in FlightThere were many corners of the galaxy which knew Earth only as a legend, a green myth floating unknown thousands of parsecs away in space, known and ineluctable thousands of years away in history.1982Janet MorrisEarth DreamsThere was never a moment so empty as to allow leisure to regret past occurrences—or failures; the future pressed ineluctably upon his consular 'now.'1994Stephen R. DonaldsonThe Gap Into Madness: Chaos and OrderThe roaring in her ears had become absolute night, carrying her ineluctably into its depths.2005Simon HouptThe Globe & Mail (Monday, 21 February 2005)[Peter] Carey is most at home with the ineluctable impossibility of connection.

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