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boasting; blustering
1724Daniel DefoeThe Fortunate MistressAmy, an ambitious jade, who knew my weakest part, namely, that I loved great things and that I loved to be flattered and courted, said abundance of kind things upon this occasion which she knew were suitable to me and would prompt my vanity, and talked big of the Prince's gentleman having orders to come over to me with a procuration to marry me by proxy (as princes usually do in like cases), and to furnish me with an equipage and I know not how many fine things, but told me withal, that she had not yet let him know that she belonged to me still, or that she knew where to find me or to write to me, because she was willing to see the bottom of it, and whether it was a reality or a gasconade.1814Matthew FlindersA Voyage to Terra AustralisThis sullying of the French territory produced a fulminating proclamation from general De Caen, nearly similar in terms to that of the emperor Napoleon after the descent at Walcheren; its effect on the inhabitants, however, was not much, for on asking some of them what they thought of this second-hand gasconade, the reply was, 'Oh it is not to us, it is to Bonaparte that the proclamation is addressed;' meaning that it was a bait to catch his approbation.

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