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relating to primates with hand-shaped feet
1860James Emerson TennentCeylonThe only other quadrumanous animal found in Ceylon is the little loris, which, from its sluggish movements, nocturnal habits, and consequent inaction during the day, has acquired the name of the 'Ceylon Sloth.1869Alfred Russel WallaceThe Malay ArchipelagoHe made a spring at me, and if the keeper had not pulled me back would have treated me unhandsomely, like a quadrumanous rough, as he was.1886John C. HutchesonTom Finch's Monkey and How He Dined with the AdmiralBut, alas, he never became sufficiently developed or 'evolved' from his quadrumanous condition to answer the question in person, as the engines which were his hobby in the end compassed his untimely death!1925G. K. ChestertonThe Everlasting ManWe could imagine a Supermonkey more marvellous than any Superman, a quadrumanous creature carving and painting with his hands and cooking and carpentering with his feet.

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