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a cyclops from Greek mythology, the son of Poseidon, appearing as a character in Homer's Odyssey
1865Thomas Carlyle The History of Friedrich II of PrussiaFriedrich Wilhelm's conduct, looked at from without, appears that of a hideous royal ogre, or blind anthropophagous Polyphemus fallen mad. Looked at from within, where the Polyphemus has his reasons, and a kind of inner rushlight to enlighten his path; and is not bent on man-eating, but on discipline in spite of difficulties—it is a wild enough piece of humanity, not so much ludicrous as tragical. 1910Ernest Scott Terre NapoleonSome of the French sailors who had been ashore returned in a wild state of alarm on account of giants whom they professed to have seen—men of extraordinary strength and stature, they reported, with long black beards, armed with enormous spears and shields, who ran at a furious pace, brandishing their weapons and giving utterance to fearful yells. 'However extravagant these assertions might appear,' said the incredulous naturalist, 'it was necessary to collect precise information on the subject.' The scientific Ulysses regarded the reputed Cyclops with a calculating scepticism. Had Polyphemus been at hand, Peron would have politely requested him to permit himself to be weighed and measured, and would have written an admirable monograph on his solitary optic.

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