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otium cum dignitate
o-TEE-uhm kuhm dig-nih-TAW-the
dignified retirement; dignified leisure
1830 Sir Walter Scott The Monastery For the purpose of commencing my new way of life, I selected for my residence the village of Kennaquhair, in the south of Scotland, celebrated for the ruins of its magnificent Monastery, intending there to lead my future life in the otium cum dignitate of half-pay and annuity. I was not long, however, in making the grand discovery, that in order to enjoy leisure, it is absolutely necessary it should be preceded by occupation. 1863 William Henry Knight Diary of a Pedestrian in Cashmere and Thibet SEPTEMBER 30.--For the last fifteen days we have been living once more the life of OTIUM CUM DIGNITATE common to the travelling Englishman in Cashmere. Basking in the sun, taking the daily row upon the river, eating fruit, and buying trash in the city, have been our principal occupations and amusements. 1909 Staff Writer "Celebrates His Jubilee in Victoria", Victoria Daily Colonist. May 11. p 7.The Hon. Edgar Dewdney is 74 years old. Over six feet high, of military appearance, a gentleman of the 'old school,' he still retains much of the extraordinary vigor which has characterized his career in this province. Even now he is unsatisfied to take his otium cum dignitate, but is still evolving schemes, and thinking out plans in connection with his profession

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