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to imprison; to enshrine; to entomb
1845Alexandre DumasThe Count of Monte Cristo'One minute,' cried Albert, without giving Monte Cristo the time to reply. 'Take care, you are going to immure a traveller, Sinbad the Sailor, a man who comes to see Paris; you are going to make a patriarch of him.'1895B. M. BowerThe Love Affairs of a BibliomaniacTo him the incredible feat of walking seventy miles within the compass of a day was mere child's play; then, when the printer became clamorous, he would immure himself in his wonderful den and reel off copy until that printer cried 'Hold; enough!''1921Robert LyndThe Pleasures of IgnoranceThe blue hills in the distance when rain is about, the grey arras of wet that advances over the plain, the whitethroat that sings or rather scolds above the hedge as he dances on the wing, the tree-pipit—or is it another bird?—that sinks down to the juniper-tip through a honey of music, a rough sea seen in the distance, half shine, half scowl—any of these things may easily cut us off from history and from hope and immure us in the present hour.1983Tim PowersThe Anubis GatesCertain lines made Ashbless curious: 'No such sweet sights doth Limbo den immure, Wali'd round, and made a spirit-jail secure.

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