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a young man or boy who creates a machine or tool and takes it out to a frontier region where adventure ensues as his fortune is made; a story featuring an Edisonade
1993 John Clute Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (Second Edition) The edisonade is not only about saving the country or planet through personal spunk and native wit, it is also about lighting out for the Territory.

Special Note: John Clute's entry EDISONADE in the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction is the first appearance of the term "edisonade". Clute is the coiner of the term edisonade, having modeled the term after the term ROBINSONADE.

2002 Jess Nevins Victorian Archetypal Heroes and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (ultrazine.org, January 2002) An Edisonade was a boy inventor who used a machine, usually some kind of ship, to transport himself to the Western frontier and make his fortune by 'civilizing' it, usually by slaughtering great numbers of natives.

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