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a huge paunch; a large belly; a powerful appetite
1915James Branch CabellThe Rivet in Grandfather's NeckAfter a little, shaggy, big-thewed ventripotent Pan will grow jealous, and ravish you away from me, as he stole Syrinx from her lover.1918Christopher MorleyShandygaffThis was a copper well lavished; for the publican, a ventripotent person with a liquid and glamorous brown eye, told us excellent gossip about Dr. Johnson and George Eliot, both heroes in that neighbourhood.1919Christopher Morley and Bart HaleyIn the Sweet Dry and DryI sat by the doors that were slatted | And the stuff had a surf like the sea—| No vintage was anywhere vatted | Too strong for ventripotent me! 1920Frederick HamiltonThe Days Before YesterdayI do not speak from personal experience, for I detest the sweet, cloying stuff; but it occasionally fell to my lot to guide downstairs the uncertain footsteps of some ventripotent Kommerzien-Rath, or even of Mr. Over-Inspector of Railways himself, both temporarily incapacitated by injudicious indulgence in Swedish Punch.

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