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snack food; hors d'oeuvre
1902Henry Seton MerrimanThe Vultures'Only one,' replied Deulin—'the waiter who serves the Zakuska counter down-stairs.1915H. G. WellsThe Research Magnificent In January, in an outbreak of enquiry, he had gone with Lionel Maxim to St. Petersburg and had eaten zakuska, brightened his eyes with vodka, talked with a number of charming people of the war that was then imminent, listened to gipsy singers until dawn, careered in sledges about the most silent and stately of capitals, and returned with Lionel, discoursing upon autocracy and assassination, Japan, the Russian destiny, and the government of Peter the Great. 1919Hugh WalpoleThe Secret CityThen with a sigh he drew a chair up to the table and began eating zakuska, putting salt-fish and radishes and sausage on to his place and eating them with a fork.

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