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ne plus ultra
nay pluhs UHL-truh
the highest level achievable; the acme; the ultimate state of something
1809Washington IrvingA History of New YorkFor my part, I am prodigiously fond of these valuable speculations so complimentary to human nature, and which are so ingeniously calculated to make beasts of both writer and reader; but in this instance I am inclined to take the proposition by halves, believing with old Horace, that though war may have been originally the favourite amusement and industrious employment of our progenitors, yet like many other excellent habits, so far from being ameliorated, it has been cultivated and confirmed by refinement and civilization, and encreases in exact proportion as we approach towards that state of perfection, which is the ne plus ultra of modern philosophy.1862Anthony TrollopeNorth AmericaAnd in London he will find the supreme of power, the ne plus ultra of work according to the world's capability of working. Any one of such journeys may be more valuable to a man—nay, any one such journey must be more valuable to a man—than a visit to Niagara.1897Eliot GregoryWorldly Ways and BywaysSo little is known about the proper preparation of food that tomorrow's dinner will appear to many as the ne plus ultra of delicate living.

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