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a tremendously long novel or even longer series of books that tell the story of the life of a single person or the lives of members of a family, community, or other affiliated group
1997Kurt VonnegutTimequakeIf there had been a significant body of potential book-buyers who might care about rich German-Americans in Indianapolis, it would have been a piece of cake for me to bang out a roman-fleuve demonstrating that my grandfather in fact murdered my mother, albeit very slowly, by double-crossing her so long ago.1998Patrick TilleyMissionI was not God, or the Presence, or whatever you choose to call the author of this roman-fleuve.1999Anne RiceVittorio the VampirePerhaps when my book is finished and gone from my hands, I may take steps to become somehow a character in that grand roman-fleuve begun by other vampires in San Francisco or New Orleans.

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