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travel; a journey by foot
1831Michael RussellPalestineFrom his infancy he had been distinguished by a sage and pious disposition; and, on emerging from boyhood, he was seized with an anxious desire to 'try the unknown ways of peregrination—to pass over the huge wastes of ocean to the ends of the earth.'1893Mungo ParkLife and Travels of Mungo Park in Central AfricaDuring a wearisome peregrination of more than five hundred British miles, exposed to the burning rays of a tropical sun, these poor slaves, amidst their own infinitely greater sufferings, would commiserate mine; and frequently of their own accord bring water to quench my thirst, and at night collect branches and leaves to prepare me a bed in the Wilderness.1905Booth TarkingtonThe Beautiful LadyThe peregrination of the American trousers suddenly stopped as they caught sight of me, and that precious skirt paused, precisely in opposition to my little table.1908Gordon HomeYorkshireThe many interests that this singularly remote neighbourhood contains can be realized by making such a peregrination as we made through the Wolds.1919James Oliver CurwoodNomads of the NorthThen came the day, when Neewa was eleven weeks old, that she turned her nose toward the distant black forests and began the summer's peregrination.1998Bill BrysonA Walk in the WoodsI can't find one [friend] that will bear the fatigue to accompany me in my paregrinations.

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