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a painter; a portrait artist
1891Arthur Conan DoyleThe White Company'That is Wat the limner,' quoth the landlady, sitting down beside Alleyne, and pointing with the ladle to the sleeping man.1894William MorrisThe Wood Beyond the WorldHowsoever, he entered the house, and found his father in the chamber, and fell to speech with him about their matters; but for all that he loved his father, and worshipped him as a wise and valiant man, yet at that hour he might not hearken the words of his mouth, so much was his mind entangled in the thought of those three, and they were ever before his eyes, as if they had been painted on a table by the best of limners.1972Andre Norton The Crystal GryphonAnd it was not a pleasant countenance to my thinking, but perhaps the limner had either not been skillful or had some reason not to flatter this Elvan.

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