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jeunesse dorée
zhuh-NES do-RAY
young jet set persons; wealthy, sophisticated young people
1880Anthony TrollopeLife of CiceroAs to this, it is necessary to understand Pompey's peculiar popularity at the moment, both with the Liberals and with the Conservatives. 'Above all, see that you have with you the 'jeunesse dorée.'1915F. A. M. MignetHistory of the French Revolution from 1789 to 1814The convention, after the fall of Robespierre; party of the committees; Thermidorian party; their constitution and object—Decay of the democratic party of the committees—Impeachment of Lebon and Carrier—State of Paris—The Jacobins and the Faubourgs declare for the old committees; the jeunesse dorée, and the sections for the Thermidorians—Impeachment of Billaud-Varennes, Collot-d'Herbois, Barrère, and Vadier—Movement of Germinal—Transportation of the accused, and of a few of the Mountain, their partisans—Insurrection of the 1st Prairial—Defeat of the democratic party; disarming of the Faubourgs—The lower class is excluded from the government, deprived of the constitution of '93, and loses its material power.1927Frederick Philip GroveA Search for AmericaWe were surrounded by the 'jeunesse dorée' of a very definite fraction of New York's commercial world.

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