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a swastika-shaped cross; gammadion
1896John Denham ParsonsThe Non-Christian CrossAnd the crosses are of three kinds; (1) the right-angled cross of four equal arms, of which so many variations, some enclosed in circles and some with the extremities widened and rounded, are used as Christian symbols; (2) the other cross of four equal arms, known as the St. Andrew's cross or Chi cross; and (3) the Fylfot or Svastika cross.1901P. H. DitchfieldEnglish VillagesThe study of the emblems and devices is full of interest. Of ecclesiastical emblems we have the symbols of the Holy Trinity—God the Father represented as an aged person, holding a crucifix on which the dove, an emblem of the Holy Spirit, is alighting—representations of our Lord, angels, saints, evangelists, the fylfot cross, roses, and figures of Death.1997S. M. StirlingIsland in the Sea of TimeThey were round or oval, frames of wicker and shaped wood covered in hide and painted in gaudy shapes, the swastika-like fylfot, or animals.

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