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docta ignorantia
DAWK-ta ig-no-rawn-tee-aw
learned ignorance; the concept that knowledge is not important when seeking God
1895Andrew Dickson WhiteThe History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in ChristendomIn the latter, Whewell cites the exact words of De Cusa in the De Docta Ignorantia, and sums up in these words: 'This train of thought might be a preparation for the reception of the Copernican system; but it is very different from the doctrine that the sun is the centre of the planetary system.'1904Henry Smith WilliamsA History of ScienceHis De Docta Ignorantia expressly propounds the doctrine of the earth's motion. No one, however, paid the slightest attention to his suggestion, which, therefore, merely serves to furnish us with another interesting illustration of the futility of propounding even a correct hypothesis before the time is ripe to receive it—particularly if the hypothesis is not fully fortified by reasoning based on experiment or observation.2003J. FangDocta Ignorantia, American Style[book title] Docta Ignorantia, American Style: The Institutionalized 'Learned Ignorance' in the Information Age

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