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delenda est Carthago
day-LEN-daw est kawr-TAW-go
Carthage must be destroyed. - (Marcus Porcius) Cato the Elder, Roman Senator during the period of the Third Punic War (149 - 146 B.C.)
1775Benjamin FranklinLondon 1757 to 1775I sit down, Sir, after much patience, merely to take some notice of the invective and abuse, that have, on this occasion, been so liberally bestowed on my country, by your writers who sign themselves Old England, a Londoner, a Liveryman of London, &c. &c. [By the way, Mr. Printer, should I have said liberally or illiberally? Not being now it seems allowed to be an Englishman, I ought modestly to doubt my English, and submit it as I do to your correction.] The public, however, has been assured by these gentlemen, that 'the Bostonians have an evil disposition towards Old England, a rooted malice against this country, an implacable enmity to it;' they talk of our having 'hostile intentions,' and making 'barbarous resolutions against it;' they say that 'neither French nor Spaniards have as yet outdone the Bostonians in malicious combinations against its existence;' that we are 'as inveterate enemies to Old England, as ever the Carthagenians appeared to be to Rome.'—If all this is true, the inference intended is a plain one; it is as proper now to make war on Boston, as ever it was to make war against France or Spain; and it will be as right a thing in Old-England, totally to destroy New-England, as it was in Old Rome to destroy Carthage—You should not be contented with cutting the throats of one half of us in the West, to make the other half buy your goods whether they will or no, (as some Londoners say other Londoners do in the East) but the word should be, with old Cato, delenda est: Don't leave one stone upon another, nor a Carthagenian or Bostonian alive upon the face of the earth. Is this what these valiant writers would be at?1884P. EllisCeltic EmpireIn 195 BC the Consul Marcus Porcius Cato was sent to deal with the rebellious tribes. He was an austere military man and his severity was proverbial. He is famous for uttering the cry: 'Carthago delenda est!' (Carthage must be destroyed!).1912Rupert HughesMrs Budlong's Chrismas PresentsShe grew frantic to be quit of Carthage—to rub it off her visiting list. Unconsciously her motto became Cato's ruthless Carthago delenda est.1999Clive CusslerSerpent'It's something you learn in first-year Latin. 'Delenda est Carthago.' Carthage must be destroyed!

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