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saeva indignatio
see-waw in-dig-NAW-tee-o
savage indignation; fierce indignation
1859George EliotThe Lifted VeilThe heart will by and by be still—'ubi saeva indignatio ulterius cor lacerare nequit'; the eye will cease to entreat; the ear will be deaf; the brain will have ceased from all wants as well as from all work.1905G. K. ChestertonHereticsThere is a second type of mind which produces satire with the quality of greatness. That is embodied in the satirist whose passions are released and let go by some intolerable sense of wrong. He is maddened by the sense of men being maddened; his tongue becomes an unruly member, and testifies against all mankind. Such a man was Swift, in whom the saeva indignatio was a bitterness to others, because it was a bitterness to himself.1913Henry W. NevinsonEssays in RebellionThey would gladly be rid of it, for, indeed, it stifles their existence, depriving them alike of pleasure, friends, and the objects of ambition—isolating them in the end as Swift was isolated. If only the causes of their indignation might cease, how gladly they would welcome the interludes of quiet! But hardly is one surmounted than another overtops them like a wave, nor have the stern victims of indignation the smallest hope of deliverance from their suffering, until they lie, as Swift has now lain for so many years, where cruel rage can tear the heart no more—'Ubi saeva indignatio ulterius cor lacerare nequit.'1924Henry Seidel CanbyDefinitionsLike most of the great satirists of the world, Butler's saeva indignatio was aroused by the daily conflicts between reason and stupidity, between candor and disingenuousness, with all their mutations of hypocrisy, guile, deceit, and sham.

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