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a military advance; literally: to go up
1853Thomas de QuinceyNarrative and Miscellaneous PapersThat of a great military expedition offering the same romantic features of vast distances to be traversed, vast reverses to be sustained, untried routes, enemies obscurely ascertained, and hardships too vaguely prefigured, which mark the Egyptian expedition of Cambyses—the anabasis of the younger Cyrus, and the subsequent retreat of the ten thousand to the Black Sea—the Parthian expeditions of the Romans, especially those of Crassus and Julian—or (as more disastrous than any of them, and in point of space as well as in amount of forces, more extensive,) the Russian anabasis and katabasis of Napoleon.1885VariousFive Years of Theosophy...the 'Anabasis of Alexander,' is 'the chief authority on the subject of the Indian invasion—a book unfortunately with a gap in its twelfth chapter'… 1982Daniel Da CruzThe Ayes of TexasBy midafternoon, their anabasis had carried the ten thousand from Chula Vista to Encinitas, from Coronado to El Cajon.2002Colleen McCulloughThe October HorseThe dioiketes of Arsinoë, one Socrates, was a great help, a treasure house of good advice. Scholarly and fair-minded, his imagination had soared the moment Cato told him what he intended to do. 'Oh, Marcus Cato, a new anabasis!' he squawked.

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