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a person who has, or pretends to have, a great sensitivity to things of beauty such as art, music, etc; a person devoted to art and beauty
1907E. M. ForsterThe Longest JourneyHe chatted gaily about it, and about the pleasant thoughts with which it inspired him; he took his friends there; he even took people whom he did not like. 'Procul este, profani!' exclaimed a delighted aesthete on being introduced to it.1956Kakuzo OkakuraThe Book of TeaAgain we stigmatise the untamed aesthete who, regardless of the mundane tragedy, runs riot in the springtide of emancipated emotions, as one 'with too much tea' in him.2000Dean Koontz From the Corner of His EyeCaution discarded, Junior went inside, for the same reason that a dedicated opera aesthete might once a decade attend a country-music concert: to confirm the superiority of his taste and to be amused by what passed for music among the great unwashed.

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