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to avoid; to abstain from; to renounce; to reject
1846Charles DickensPictures From ItalyWhen I hint a dislike of nunneries for young girls who abjure the world before they have ever proved or known it; or doubt the ex officio sanctity of all Priests and Friars; I do no more than many conscientious Catholics both abroad and at home.1918M. InostranzevIranian Influence on Moslem LiteratureNot only all Central Asia but the territories marching with the Indian and Persian frontiers, where persecution of the elder faith could not have been relatively mild, the population professing Islam have been unable to abjure in their entirety rites and practices akin to those of Zoroastrianism.1977Brian DaleyThe Doomfarers of CoramonderEven Springbuck's last-ditch offer to abjure his royal heritage without trial was rebuffed with a cold reminder that it was his duty to put the affair squarely in the laps of the gods.

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