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holier-than-thou; hypocritical sanctimony; disgustingly hypocritical
1854T. S. ArthurTen Nights In A Bar-Room, and What I Saw There'I don't see that they have done him much harm. He sowed his wild oats—then got married, and settled down into a good, substantial citizen. A little too religious and pharisaical, I always thought; but upright in his dealings. He had his pleasures in early life, as was befitting the season of youth—why not let his son taste of the same agreeable fruit?1886Andrew LangBooks and BookmenThere is or used to be a poem for infant minds of a rather Pharisaical character, which was popular in the nursery when I was a youngster.1903Erskine ChildersRiddle of the SandsI was forced to continue turning her assumed character to account; but it would be pharisaical in me to say that I rose to any moral heights in her regard—wine and excitement had deadened my better nature to that extent.1909Robert Hugh Benson The Necromancers Little scenes rose before her—all passed almost in a flash of time—as she stood with her hand on the medieval-looking latch of the gate, and she saw herself in them all as a proud, unmaidenly, pharisaical prig, in love with a man who was not in love with her.

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