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1845Charles DarwinThe Voyage of the BeagleThe chief part of the range was composed of grand, solid, abrupt masses of granite, which appeared as if they had been coeval with the beginning of the world.1912SakiThe Unbearable BassingtonEven in tourist-trampled Versailles the desolation of a tragedy that cannot die haunts the terraces and fountains like a bloodstain that will not wash out; in the Saxon Garden at Warsaw there broods the memory of long-dead things, coeval with the stately trees that shade its walks, and with the carp that swim to-day in its ponds as they doubtless swam there when 'Lieber Augustin' was a living person and not as yet an immortal couplet.1977J. R. R. TolkienThe SilmarillonGreat might was given to him by Ilúvatar, and he was coeval with Manwë.

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