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From Greek mythology: In Virgil's Aeneid, Achates is the faithful companion; a true and loyal companion
17??Gorges Edmond HowardThe Female GamesterIf Homer, in his Epic poem, found a Patroclus necessary to his Achilles, and Virgil an Achates to Aeneas, such examples may well justify the Dramatic Poets in calling in the assistance of associates, who generally appear of more use than ornament to the piece.1876John MoultrieSelected PoetryThou wast a faithful and a fit Achates, | Once, to a great Aeneas, Percy Shelley—| A vast, though erring spirit, whose sad fate is | A thing which I deplore—but let me tell ye, | You made yourself a monstrous ninny gratis | With that same funeral pile—he might as well lie | Methinks, beneath the turf o'ergrown with flowers, | As dance among the winds and thunder-showers. 1887Oliver Wendell HolmesOur Hundred Days in EuropeBut the glory of its interior made up for this shortcoming. Among the monuments, one to Rear Admiral Charles Holmes, a descendant, perhaps, of another namesake, immortalized by Dryden in the 'Annus Mirabilis' as the Achates of the general's fight. He accompanied Wolfe in his expedition which resulted in the capture of Quebec.1905Grace S. Richmond The Second Violin 'Good for you, you faithful Achates!' said Lanse.

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