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a warm drink prepared for the sick from wine, eggs, bread, sugar and various spices
1884Eliza ChaseOver the Border: AcadiaAnd all this for the hope of a couple of apostle spoons, and a cup to eat caudle in.1895Frank BarrettA Set of RoguesThus, then, did she devote her time till sundown, whereabouts Mrs. Butterby raps at her door to know if she will have a cup of warm caudle to comfort her, at the same time telling her that Mr. Hopkins will not sup with her, as he has Captain Evans for his guest at the lodge.1900Mary JohnstonTo Have and To HoldThe brother of my Lord de la Warre stood up with the groom, the brother of my Lord of Northumberland gave away the bride and was the first to kiss her, and the President himself held the caudle to their lips that night.

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