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upset; overthrown; in a state of turmoil; confused; reversed
1902Robert HichensThe Prophet of Berkeley SquareThe Prophet was entirely bouleverse.1906Robert HichensFlamesBut Jessie was bouleversée by this passionate, eager Cuckoo; this shadow on fire, who was alive almost ere London was alive, instead of half dead until half London slept. 1913Gilbert ParkerThe Judgment HouseThere must be a bouleversement of things as they are, or good-bye to everything except emptiness.1916Beatrice Forbes-Robertson HaleThe Nest BuilderDon't you see, that is why he is so eager about your verses, and why he was so bouleversé by the Danaë!1920F. Scott FitzgeraldThis Side of ParadiseFor the second time in his life Amory had had a complete bouleversement and was hurrying into line with his generation.1977Ngaio MarshLast DitchHe thought: 'That's torn it,' and at the same time, 'This is it: this is Julia in my arms and these are her ribs,' and 'If I kiss her I'll probably hurt my face,' and even, bouleverse though he was, 'What does she mean about Louis?'

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